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Most Notable Big Name Brands that are Using WordPress.

When going through the process of setting up a website or blog, some people raise concerns about using WordPress. They wonder how an open-source platform could possibly serve them well, questioning areas like security and scalability. Whilst it’s understandable to be concerned, often, these question carry very little weight, since the vast majority of websites in the world are running on the popular WordPress content management system, including some very notable brands.

World’s most powerful CMS.

In 2003 WordPress started out as a blogging platform built on PHP and MySQL to help bloggers do their thing. Back then, nobody could predict that it would become one of the most powerful content management systems (CMS) on the planet.

WordPress is an awesome content management system for websites of all shapes and sizes. One of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that since it is open source, it may not be good enough for big brands and should only be used as a blogging platform. To help disprove this myth, here is a list of most notable big name brands that are using WordPress on their websites.

*Please Note: The following are examples of big brands using WordPress. We are not responsible for these websites and nor do we have any connection with them, commercially or otherwise.

Surprising WordPress Statistics.

WordPress websites worldwide
Of the internet is powered by WordPress
WordPress plugins
Bruce Springsteen
Rolling Stones
Katy Perry
Sony Music
Mercedes Benz
Motley Crue
New Yorker
BBC America
M&S For Business
Dallas Mavericks
Facebook Newsroom

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