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WordPress SEO Checklist & Guide

WordPress SEO Checklist.

January 06, 2018 | SEO & Social Media

WordPress SEO Checklist & Guide?

Today, search engine optimisation (SEO) is tougher than ever. Getting your website to the top of the search engines for your chosen keywords requires a lot of hard work, beginning with optimising your WordPress website itself.

Have you ever Googled your own website and been disappointed with the results? Maybe a random snippet of text rather than a proper site description was displayed. Or maybe you found that it takes Google far too long to locate and index your content.

In either case, you could have a problem on your hands — unless, of course, you’re willing to continually spend money on paid ads as a way to drive traffic to your site! Organic search is the single most important driver of traffic for most websites, so getting your site properly indexed is of primary importance both for you and your clients.

Some might have you believe that ‘SEO is dead’. Google that search term and what you will find is over 800,000 search results. However, just because SEO has changed drastically over the past decade doesn’t mean it is dead, it simply means it has changed and we must adapt our focus to these changes.

Businesses now have to take new and unique approaches to SEO to win the never-ending game in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Many companies and blogs build their entire business from the beginning off of organic search. While this may be risky, it still is a sign that organic search is alive and well.

Our free WordPress SEO checklist is intended to be an up-to-date list of key SEO factors that every WordPress site should follow in order to guide you through the pitfall of making sure your WordPress site is well optimised and ticks all the right boxes.

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