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Optix are specialists in quality inflatable structures for rental, purchase and bespoke manufacture projects. With additional event production and management services. UK-International.

Optix provide rental and sales of creative temporary inflatable structures for brands, agencies and event organisers. For projects that require something specific or custom made, their air architects will work with your brief to produce something that represents your image with innovative design.

Optix Home Page
Optix Structures Range
The Optix Team

The Brief.

Optix are one of our longest standing clients, dating back to 2012 when we first worked with them.

We’ve worked alongside them now for over 5 years and watched (and helped) them grow and evolve in to the company that they are today, so we were perfectly placed to understand their requirements for their new website.

Alex (owner and founder) was pretty specific in how he wanted the site to look, and has a very good design eye and ability to convey his thoughts across to us in a way that we understand.

Optix Parties

The Solution.

With so may pages, and so much content, we had to come up with well-structured layout that was easy to use, but at the same time didn’t look the same across every page.

We spent several weeks hand-crafting our own page builder that makes very clever use of the Advanced Custom Fields and Custom Post Type UI plugins. This page builder gives the client an (almost) unlimited array of layouts that they can create to showcase video, imagery, textual content, case studies and calls to actions.

The client has full control over the editing of the site with our bespoke WordPress backend.

Optix Media
Optix Custom Fields

We have tried to be totally unique with this website, although it does lend itself to a masonry/tile type effect that is favoured by Microsoft these days.

One of the problems we faced was finding a way to include a large amount of text, but in a way that didn’t make the website look too text heavy. We did this by including image/text rollovers and short blocks of targeted text, rather than large chunks. A good example page would be the Luna Pods page.

Optix Blog
Optix Hot Yoga

The Result.

This project is one of our favourites to date, and also one of the most challenging and time-consuming.

The final website feature is fully mobile/tablet friendly with a responsive grid layout in place to ensure that the website will be readily available at any screen size and on all the major devices.

We have had great feedback from both the client and the general public and the new website places Optix firmly at the core of their market.

We are very pleased with the outcome and enjoy working with Optix as one of our long-term clients.

Optix Device Mockup

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