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Porter & Davies are the company behind the BC2, BC2rm, Gigster and KT Platform patented tactile monitoring systems.

All the team at Porter & Davies have been involved professionally in the music industry for many years, and we know what people out there need. We are the same people we sell to.

Each and every hand-assembled unit is tuned and tested by Tim Porter and Dil Davies themselves at their UK headquarters.

Porter & Davies Home Page

The Brief.

In September 2016, FLEXX Creative was commissioned to create the brand new website for Porter & Davies.

To date, this has been one of our most loved projects, simply because we have such a love for the music industry anyway, this was a great way to combine it with our professional work.

Initially, we were asked to just add an eCommerce area to their existing website as they wanted to be able to sell their products direct to end-user, but we fell in love with the project so much that we offered a complete rebuild, keeping within the initial budget.

The new website needed to retain the companies brand colours (the Lime Green) as well as convey the right message to clients new and old.

As well as the eCommerce part, we had the task of building the (rather large) client database that showcases some very well-known musicians using the Porter & Davies equipment.

Porter & Davies Artists
Porter & Davies Product

The Solution.

Once we had been sent all the content (photos, text, assets etc) we went ahead and put together a basic wireframe of our initial ideas for the website, getting feedback and tweaking as we went.

These were signed off quite quickly and we were able to get a ‘beta’ version of the site developed in a few, short weeks.

Developed using our bespoke WordPress framework, we had to factor in the eCommerce side of things early on and how the website would be taking payments. This was settled by utilising the Worldpay merchant account that the client had, along with Paypal, giving the end-user a choice of payment platforms.

Porter & Davies Single Artist

Although the main focus of the site is the online shop, there are still various other sections and content types that we had to develop, such as the band/client list page (which displays a very impressive list of names!), the product pages (consisting of various content types like dropdowns, accordions, calls to actions etc) and of course the artist pages.

The artist pages being the biggest feature, required some very clever uses of the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, which would allow us to create (and display) a range of custom fields that could be applied to each artist, such as; country, bands played in, quotes, images and videos.

Add to this, the quite complex search function in place that filters the artists by either alphabet or country…

Porter & Davies Alphabet
Porter & Davies BC2

The Result.

After several months of ‘on and off’ development, we finally delivered the ‘signed off’ website to Porter & Davies in early 2017.

The website encompasses everything they initially requested, plus a few extras here and there that we applied as and when it made sense.

It is, of course, fully mobile/tablet friendly with a responsive grid layout in place to ensure that the website will be readily available at any screen size.

We are very pleased with the outcome and continue to work with Porter & Davies as part of our on-going-relationship.

Porter & Davies Device Mockup

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