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Content Creation and Copywriting.

Intriguing, attention-grabbing copywriting can be a powerful marketing tool when it comes to making a first impression on a potential customer. We can help you sharpen your edge in business communications – so you can get on with what you’re good at.

Copywriting Services.

If you want to speak to your audience in the right tone, create a consistent brand message and optimise your website for search, then compelling website copy is a must. A well-chosen piece, written by a website copywriter, coupled with a comprehensive keyword review to reveal the phrases you should be targeting, can create something really unique and rich for your business.

Professional copywriting is often ignored when undertaking any online marketing campaign, and yet a modest investment in copy writing can potentially increase the conversion rate of your website overnight, paying for itself many times over.

Some business owners choose to write their own advertising copy, mistakenly thinking that just being knowledgeable about their industry makes them effective communicators. The benefit of using a professional copywriter is that it gives you a fresh perspective on the best way to sell your company to potential customers.

At FLEXX, our professional SEO copywriting service gives you creative and stimulating copy, alongside relevant keywords to really optimise your site for the search engines.

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SEO Copywriting.

SEO copywriting can help your website to rank higher in the search engines if undertaken correctly. Search engines read websites differently to human visitors, focusing on things like the frequency and position of different combinations of words.

Search engines decide whether your website is relevant for a particular search term based on a complex analysis of the words on your website (amongst many other deciding factors).

You can get a significant increase in your search engine rankings by taking this into account when writing your copy for your website. We offer SEO copywriting services to all our clients.

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Website Copywriting.

Good website copywriting captures people’s attention, drawing them further into your website whilst boosting your credibility, making the visitor more likely to return in the future.

Research shows that people read websites differently to how they read leaflets or books. People usually want to find information quickly online, so they scan web pages instead of reading every single word, paying close attention to paragraph headings, bold text, block-quotes, etc.

Creating copy for websites without taking this in to consideration is harder to read, so you probably shouldn’t just transfer existing company literature straight to your website as it likely won’t have the effect. Usability research shows that websites with unclear wording or navigation can be frustrating to use, causing people to lose interest and abandon your website in favour of a competitors.

Above all people want to establish whether your website is trustworthy and relevant to what they are searching for. A well written piece of copy demonstrates credibility and authority.

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