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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Whether you’re looking for search engine optimisation as part of your new website project, or you’re looking to improve an existing website’s performance in Google, we can help you!

SEO – Be found where it matters!

There’s not much point in having an all-singing, all-dancing website if it can’t be easily found by your customers. The higher your website appears in the search engines, the more visitors it will receive, increasing your chance of making a sale. That’s where modern day search engine optimisation comes in. A high performance and well-structured website that provides visitors with what they’re looking for is the key to achieving a high ranking in a search engine’s organic search results, and thus, being easily findable.

We take pride in being specialists within WordPress SEO – and can carry out full WordPress SEO health checks to make sure that every aspect of your website’s code and structure is fully optimised before moving on to longer term SEO campaigns.

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Get found more, online.

Investing in on-going SEO is not an overnight solution, and there are no magic tricks. It will take time to achieve good results, but a sustainable campaign will give you a great return on your investment. Appearing near the top when someone searches for something establishes trust, so you are more likely to attract more traffic.

More than just a Google ranking.

Effective SEO extends much further than technical best practice for improving Google page rankings. It’s more about enhancing the user experience and engaging visitors with valuable, relevant content that matches their requirements. A website’s content should be compelling, relevant and shareable, while adhering to the old BBC mantra of ‘Inform, Educate and Entertain‘.

Too many search engine marketing experts only think about what search engines want. They’re almost missing the point here. Google (and most major search engines) have created a set of complex, user-focused SEO guidelines for a very good reason: to help website owners give human users exactly what they want, when they want it. After all, it’s humans that buy your products and services!

We focus on harnessing search engine optimisation for your target audience’s benefit. It means getting all the on-site technical stuff right from the start (keywords, page headings, image alt tags, code structure etc), which in turn means people are more likely to find your site when they’re searching Google for products or services like yours.

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Our SEO Services.

One size does not fit all. Every business we work for is different and has a different set of requirements. FLEXX Creative will invest the time to learn about your business, products, services, and existing online presence before submitting a proposal and agreeing the scope of any project.

Technical SEO.

Your website is the end-goal and it is where an integrated marketing campaign can be won or lost. Solid technical SEO will give you the perfect foundations to build on.

Content Strategy.

Content is king. We’ll ensure your website content is valuable, relevant, meets a need, stands out from the crowd and generates results.

Analytics & Insights.

We use Google Analytics to deliver real insights into your marketing campaign, capitalising on successes and optimising where needed to improve the overall impact of the campaign.

Local SEO.

From small, self-employed one-man-bands to large international brands, a strong local presence has never been more important. We’ll help get you on the map in the places where it matters with our local marketing.

On-Page SEO.

On-site SEO means optimising every aspect of your website so search engines can see exactly what it’s about (image alt tags, header tags, bold/italic text, keywords, page copy etc). Getting this right is pivotal to ranking high and you also give your target audience exactly what they want.

Keyword Research & Targeting.

Solid keyword & market research allows us to build a well-informed SEO strategy and helps us to formulate realistic projections and predictions for the market you are in.

UK SEO Services.

On-site website optimisation excellence involves all sorts of clever things. Here are just a few of them:

  • Naming your website pages correctly so the URLs are user friendly
  • Writing headers, sub headers and content in such a way that they contain the right keywords and phrases
  • Laying out and formatting the content so it makes sense to readers and search engines
  • Writing keyword-focused meta data for every page, and bringing digital marketing skills into play to make sure the the meta data is also attractive to humans
  • Categorising information correctly in line with SEO best practice
  • Tagging information properly to help search engines classify it and people find it
  • Installing (and configuring) an SSL Certificate

You can rest assured that your website will tick all the right SEO boxes from the offset (check out our WordPress SEO checklist), without having to back-track and add on-page search engine optimisation in afterwards.

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