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Social Media Auditing.

Social media audits provide a detailed insight into a clients performance and allows us to simplify your social media campaign into an achievable list of tasks and recommendations. This is done by meeting with you, understanding your goals, and using this information to report on your current activities.

We will perform a full audit across all of your social media platforms, even recommending which ones to use and which ones to drop. During our social media audit, we use a variety of tools to dive deep into your social presence, assessing your social media performance and analysing competitors’ activity, making recommendations for your social channels that align with your business objectives.

Social Media Audits.

Do you know how well your social media profiles are performing? Do you know how they can be improved? Well that’s exactly what our social media audit is for, to clearly identify where your social media presence is lacking and what could be done to improve it. It’s important with social media that potential sales aren’t missed as there’s always a good chance of return visits that you don’t want to be losing.

Our social media audit looks at a wide variety of factors in order to establish what can be done to improve the exposure and conversions from social media. We will analyse any, and all, social profiles you have and put a comprehensive plan together for you.

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Social Media Audit.

The social media audits we provide are extremely thorough, making sure to investigate aspects of your social presence such as:

  • Likes and following count
  • Size and interaction levels of audience
  • Types of content being posted (i.e. video, images, links, posts etc)
  • Engagement levels of the brand
  • Natural conversations happening around the brand
  • Groups and communities that are being posted to
  • How social profiles are working together
  • And so much more!

If you’ve ever wondered if you could be doing more on social media then the answer is probably yes. Let us audit your social media accounts and know for sure. To arrange a no obligation social media audit, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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