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Website SEO Audit.

Does your website work for you? Find out with our website SEO audit.

Getting valuable insights into how your website is performing can be a tricky and time-intensive task, but that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from doing it. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important tool in your fight for the first position on the search results pages, and there’s no better way to get a complete understanding of your website than with a bespoke SEO audit.

Digging Deep in to SEO.

Taking the time to invest in a professional SEO website audit will provide you with information on where your website stands from a search engine perspective and allows you to take the first steps to improving your overall rankings.

Our SEO website audit involves digging deep into your website and offering recommendations to help you increase your status in search engines, understand your competition and insights about how your website is viewed by your audience.

Our SEO audits contain:

  • A comprehensive SEO review of your entire website
  • Keyword analysis and recommendations
  • A review of your site’s metadata
  • Technical analysis of site structure and navigation
  • An analysis into your competitors’ websites
  • Opportunities for link building and an understanding of where external links are coming from
Audit your website
Website Audit Horsham Sussex

What do we get in to during the website SEO audit?

SEO Technical Audit.

We will review and analyse each page within your website and perform an examination of all technical aspects that may be impacting the SEO. This includes areas such as crawl errors, website accessibility, website structure, page speed and any potential coding or markup that could be hurting your SEO.

SEO Keyword Audit.

We’ll take a look at your overall keyword inventory and see which keywords are working and identify what keywords might work better from our keyword research and analysis of your data. We want to make sure that you are using the correct keywords that will maximise conversions and generate leads.

SEO Content Audit.

We’ll go through your website content and ensure that it is as search engine friendly as possible, optimising your content including page titles, how your content is structured, the tags that are being used and any other items within your content that could be hurting your overall SEO.

Social Media Audit.

Social media, along with your user engagement on social media, is a big factor in the SEO process so we’re going to take a look at how your business or brand is using social media and how they are affecting your overall SEO and see what improvements can be made.

Link Profile Analysis.

Links are still an important factor when it comes to ranking your website. We take an analysis of your website’s current link profile. This includes your on-page link structure as well as your off-site back links. We’ll make recommendations on what might be hurting your SEO as well as give you advice on how to improve your overall link profile.

You Mean There’s More In Your SEO Audits?

Yes, there’s quite a bit more. There are many areas to an SEO audit, including a competitive analysis. Overall, we wanted to give you an idea of what to expect when we’re diving deep analysing your website and performing an SEO audit. We’ll even compile it and present it to you in a nice looking report too.

Improve Your SEO Positioning & Rankings With A Professional SEO Audit.

Every website and online business is different and an ‘off-the-shelf’ piece of software or online tool doesn’t really dive deep and give you all of the necessary details you need to properly position your website for the search engines. We will review your website and provide specific insights and tailored recommendations that will help your search engine positioning and site rankings based on SEO best practices.

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