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Migrating a WordPress site can be a headache!

Web hosting, domain names, name servers, databases… the seemingly simple task of moving a WordPress website from one server to another can all get, well, a bit intimidating to be honest, and when you factor in a large site upon which your business relies on, this move quickly starts to appear terrifying, causing many website owners to shy away.

Is Your WordPress Hosting Company Holding You Back?

Is your website running slow? Frequent downtime? Losing sales?

If your current hosting company has frequent performance issues or their technical team blames every problem on your content management system (CMS) solution, then it may be time to migrate your WordPress website to a new host. WordPress migration is a necessity once you realise your hosting company isn’t everything they’ve promised.

Let FLEXX handle the technical bits – and look forward to your website being moved to your new server with minimal downtime and no potential for lost data; and if you also need to change your domain name at the same time – we can do that too. No fuss, no sleepless nights worrying about your website.

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Things to consider when migrating your site.

Control Panel Access.

To get started we would need login details to the control panel areas of your existing web host and you’re new web host. These details would have been sent to you via email when you signed up for the hosting accounts.

FTP Access.

FTP access is required to ensure we are able to download, and then move, all your website files. It would be handy if you had these available, although we are able to access/create them via the hosting control panel.

MySQL Database.

WordPress is a database driven platform, and as such we will need at least 1 MySQL database available with the new hosting account.

Domain Name.

If you wanted to change the domain name of your website we would need to know this in advance and arrange for the domain to be registered and the necessary updates performed during the migration.

Same day service.

Once the new hosting account is set up it doesn’t take very long to perform the actual migration. Typically the WordPress migration service takes a few hours and is normally completed the same day.


The costs for this service are based on a per-website rate. Every website is different and some may take longer to migrate than others. We will always advise of the cost prior to starting the migration.

Our Recommendations for WordPress Migration.

Because we work with such a diverse range of clients, we’ve used a lot of hosting companies over the years. Some hosting companies just really struggle with a database driven website, so we stay away from those and actively encourage our clients to host with companies who we have experience with and know will provide great support and reliable performance.

For shared hosting environments, we suggest 20i due to their strong technical support and their ability to provide consistently high performance and speed. For dedicated hosting situations or virtual servers, we prefer to use Rackspace. Nobody can beat Rackspace for pre-sales and post-sales support. Their technology is second to none and their technical support team are amongst the best in the business.

We would always recommend that you host your WordPress website through us, and make use of our WordPress support retainers for even more added security and piece of mind.

Let us know how we can help make your WordPress website better!

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